Investment projects - Their role in the sustainable economic development

Veronika Durmishi Eva Cipi
Characteristic of “sustainable development” is in the “recognition” of the environment as an element, outside of which cannot be thought of overall development of a society. In this article will be treated the rehabilitation project of salt production in Vlore which is the only activity of this type in Albania and the largest in the Balkans. The industry of salt Production in Vlore is part of one of the branches of industry that can contribute in an important way in the national production and in the improvement of the balance of imports-exports. This project is done for two reasons: 1. Technologies used in Albania are of a very old level 2. The current productivity is very low compared with the industrialized countries. This investment project apart from the impact to a sustainable development for the area it also presents a series of other values such as: - Saline can provide water surface which are important for the moderation of climate and air quality. - In the period of their return to their previous conditions they can turn into Lagoons of great value; - Saline serve as a tool for the regulation of flooding in the area in which they are located;

investment, sustainable development, rehabilitation, sea salt, ecosystem, environmental pollution

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