Social inclusion and inclusive education

Marsela Robo
The key question addressed in this article is social inclusion, as an opposite concept of social exclusion. The author provides a historical of social inclusion/exclusion terminology. Further, some of the principles of social inclusion are presented. A brief review of the literature provides key views and theories of social inclusion. In particular, the author brings to attention that the included/excluded dualism apparent in the writings of social inclusion and exclusion cannot be taken at face value. In line with global debate on social inclusion and exclusion, the author brings the way this debate has now pervaded both the official and development policy discourse in Albania.Social inclusion is considered as one of the priorities of the current government, with poverty reduction as its main focus, which will be ensured not only through economic development. In the end, the article focuses on the role of education as a very important and useful tool for ensuring social inclusion.Social inclusion through education, in particular through vocational education, considered by the author as the only way towards sustainable development of Albanian society.

Social inclusion; inclusive education; vocational education; Albania

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