Geopolitical dimension of thinking in the Albanian language supports the Euro-Atlantic integration

Bujar Abedinaj
This work starts with the premise that the Albanian language is one of most ancient languages in the world and stands in the root of the common trunk of the Indo-European languages. The common pre-Indo-European origin is preserved in the present Albanian language almost in the same conditions that this language was spoken 2-3 thousand years ago. Further in the work arguments are set forth regarding Albanian language priorities as a synthetic-analytic type language and the role of the Albanian language as the key in analyzing the Indo-European language system is presented. Regardless the tendencies toward analytic features the Albanian language, at the same time, preserves also useful elements from the synthetic features. Continuing, the Albanian language geopolitical positioning is presented from the point of view of the Indo-European languages differentiation and concentration in the EU context and Euro-Atlantic countries integration, supposing the conditions of each language in relation to the specific way of thinking in that language. Closing, some concrete examples are presented about where and how the different ways of thinking may be applied and harmonized, either with the synthetic or analytic domination, and a concrete example is analyzed about how Albanian language can be invested in the improvement of the Indo-European linguistic system, drawing some conclusions in this direction.

Albanian language; Indo-European languages; synthetic; analytic; Albania; geopolitics; European Union

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