Smuggling of human beings and connection with organized crime

Xhevdet Halili

Through this paper is intended to note the difference between human smuggling and trafficking in human beings, emphasizing the distinctive items and those that are common. During work the focus is on criminal offenses committed by persons individually or as part of an organized crime group with particular focus on Kosovo. During work addressed the causes or factors that have a direct or indirect impact on the reporting of crimes of immigrant smuggling as individual criminal acts or even when they are carried out in the form of organized crime. By then treated roads that are used by smugglers in the case of smuggling of migrants to countries of Western Europe and the methods that they use to smugglers illegally crossed from one state to another state. The paper also finally contains conclusions and recommendations for the prevention and combating criminal acts of persons smuggling.

human smuggling; human trafficking; forgery of documents; organized crime; investigations; criminal sanctions; the Criminal Code of Kosovo

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