The status of judges and the justice reform - An Albanian inside

Vladimir Skënderi
The judicial power in Albania is considered today as the greatest sinner in the Albanian society. But is it the only sinner? Is it treated with respect and dignity by the Albanian society? In the opinion of the writer of this article, the politicians of this country are also accomplices in this situation of the judiciary. These latter ones, when they need to purify their reputation, declare that they were pronounced not guilty by the courts. When a non-guilty decision is given to their political opponent, they hurry to curse the courts as corrupt, etc. In our opinion, the judiciary is not treated by the state equally when compared to the employees of the other sectors of the state. The Judiciary in Albanian, apart from being attacked en bloc by the politics and the media, is also paid badly and humiliated. This situation is of no service to the Albanian society and it should be changed rapidly.

judge; reform; law; salary; housing

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