Local development and Local Partnerships: Universities applying pro-active PR in a local systems network logics

Arta Musaraj
Facing turmoil and continuous stunning, local governing bodies, decision makers and local actors, in most of cases found the most stable solution has been the regional cooperation and particularly that of increasing and strengthening local human resources capacities at a regional level. Trying to increase competiveness, local systems understand more and more the importance of being flexible, on the frame of a sustainable strategic planning. Local infrastructure and interaction of all local factors and actors, at any time, must consider their development following a wider regional prospective. Important evolutions in the education area, mainly in higher education, gave breath to outstanding improvements in the capacities to develop qualified human resources, matching needs from local developments. While achieving standardized didactic tools at a Mediterranean and furthermore, EU level, they become able to deliver internationally recognized knowledge and capacities, improving so at a general level. human resources among countries with different socio-economic level. At the same time, these developments spread quickly the culture of interaction and collaboration among local actors. This also makes possible knowledge and expertise transfer from excellence center and universities toward local public administration and other local stake holders or public, and increases cooperation standardizing practices according to EU requirements. Local issues need local solutions, but this at no case must cause localization or isolation, all those developments must be conceptualized, oriented and managed in a wider prospective, specific needs must have specific answers, and universities are the best in doing this.

local systems, local development, specific needs, EU standards, universities

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