Oracle Multimaster Replication Maintance Optimization

Hakik Paci Aleksander Xhuvani
This paper presents a new solution for adding a new database server on an existing Oracle Multimaster data replication system. In normal conditions adding a new database server on this system we cannot insert, delete and update data during this time. So during this time the system is down and we can make only queries. The time for adding the new database server depends on the number of tables on the replication group and on the network conditions. To reduce this time we propose to replace the Replication group in more than one replication group based on logic of database schema. So we will have a replication group for base data, one replication group for most populated tables and another group for non most used tables. Using this method on the Oracle database schema with 250 replication tables and communication speed 1Mbit/s, the time reduced seven times. This research is implemented on border control system (Total Information Management System at Ministry of Interior) in Albania and using this solution we can add or remove replication sites with minimal down time.

Oracle Multimaster Data Replication, Replication, Replication group

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