The Spiritual Connection of the Shushica Valley Locals to their Living Place

Fatlinda Shkurti
In this article we will deal with the issue of a population’s attitude to and estimation of the geographical environment it lives in with regard to the feelings created in this population with the passing of time. We will then mention some of the physical and geographical characteristics of the study area: its geographical position, relief, climate and flora and their role on the development of the study area’s population. We will make an evaluation of the area’s infrastructure and its role on the communication and connection with the other areas. The methodology employed is that of a questionnaire. The questionnaire, the data analysis and the publication of results took us a period of one year. The results were analyzed by giving the social, political and economical reasons that break off the spiritual connection to the living place, the present situation and the tendency by giving conclusions and recommendations that we think will be of great help to the solution of such an important issue in this period of enormous changes in every aspect.

spiritual connection, living place, free movement, spiritual richness, developmental strategy

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