Health and safety at work

Eneida Sema Ilda Melo
Protection at work with regard to health and safety at work is an important part of Albanian Labour Legislation. Determination of general obligation of the employer aims at protecting the employees’ health and security. With regard to health security and protection, Albanian Labour Code foresees that the employer is responsible in cases of accidents and professional diseases considering that it should clearly define rules for technical security. With the regard to employers’ responsibility, it should be mentioned that this might be administrative or penal, depending on the violations occurred a few of which contain elements of criminal acts. An important step forward in regulating labour relations is to strengthen inter-institutional cooperation and cooperation between employees, employers, trade unions and state and to further dialogue between those. However, implementation of the Labour Law plays an important role in the stabilization of labour relations in general. An important role remains with institutions such as Ministry of Labour and Equal Opportunities, National Labour Council and State Labour Inspectorate.

work, labour inspectorate, responsibility, security, employee

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