The Differences in Students’ Financial Literacy based on Financial Education

Dorjana Nano Shkelqim Cani
This paper examines the differences in Financial Literacy among Albanian university students based on their financial education. The main objectives of this study are: i) firstly, to assess the level of financial knowledge, financial attitude and financial behaviour, and to make relevant comparison based on students financial education; ii) secondly, to evaluate an overall score of financial literacy and to investigate its difference among students who are financially educated and their counterparts; iii) finally, to provide some conclusions and policy implications with regard to financial literacy. A total of 607 students from five public and three private universities in Albania participated in this research. The outcome shows that student’s financial behaviour does not differ based on their financial education. In addition, non-financially educated students appear to demonstrate better financial behaviour. Finally, students who have taken a personal financial course are shown to be more knowledgeable and financially literate than their counterparts. This study paves the way for future research in Albania.

financial literacy, financial education, personal financial course

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