The Development of Private International Law in Albania

Ilda Mucmataj Lorenc Danaj
In a world like today’s one, with communication, trade and the increasing cross-border travels, the issue of the conflict of laws appears in every aspect of the private law. It is important that every member of the legal community understands the conflict of laws. This is important especially for judges, because they are the ones who should solve cross-border disputes submitted to them, which affect the personal lives of individuals and their businesses. Judges are precisely those who, with their work, should increase the confidence of the parties and the public, both within the community of their country and in other countries. However, in a broader view, not only lawyers but all legal subjects must have general knowledge in this field in order to perform effective agreements. Thus, through this article we aim to shed light on the regulation of private legal relations that are characterized by a foreign element, presenting innovations brought by Law No. 10426 ‘On Private International Law’ which entered into force on 02.06.2011.

private international law; party autonomy; most real connection; habitual residence; conventions; applicable criteria

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