The revolution of communication and its effect on our life

Gabor Vasmatics
The twentieth century brought about a lot of changes, especially in the fields of industry, information technology and communication. As a result of these phenomena also our everyday life has changed radically. In this article I would like to introduce that how did these new technological advancements affect the social life of humanity. In the beginning of history communication was totally limited by the distance. If someone was further than the other’s noise or sight could reach, then they could not exchange any information without coming closer to each other. This way the people were more separated and the different nations were developing in very different ways. Through the appearance of the various communicational devices the distances were shorter and shorter, until that grade that nowadays we can hold and international conference with the participants being on distant locations of the world. Disabled people can work from their homes through internet. We don’t need to go out even for shopping, because we can order the product and it comes to our home. Universities offer tele-courses where people can receive not only the education but even a diploma, without ever setting foot in the building of the institution. The world truly became a global village, where we can reach anyone, anywhere, from the comfort of our sofa. All these changes in our lifestyle happened so rapidly that even my parents cannot really grasp it, not to mention about the grandparents. The last 20 years brought about so many new things that most of the people don’t even know about their existence. The Homo Sapiens Sapiens evolved to Homo Sapiens Communicationis, with his inseparable tool: the mobile phone.

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