Workplace Bullying Scale: The Study of Validity and Reliability

Nizamettin Doğar
The aim of this research is to adapt the Workplace Bullying Scale (Tınaz, Gök & Karatuna, 2013) to Albanian language and to examine its psychometric properties. The research was conducted on 386 person from different sectors of Albania. Results of exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis demonstrated that Albanian scale yielded 2 factors different from original form because of cultural differences. Internal consistency coefficients are,890 -,801 and split-half test reliability coefficients, 864 -,808. Comfirmatory Factor Analysis results change from,40 to,73. Corrected item-total correlations ranged,339 to,672 and according to t-test results differences between each item’s means of upper 27% and lower 27% points were significant. Thus Workplace Bullying Scale can be use as a valid and reliable instrument in social sciences in Albania.

workplace bullying; validity; reliability; translation; confirmatory factor analysis

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