San Francisco, California, August 3-31, 2010

Maria Immacolata Macioti
What are my impressions of San Francisco, after a month’s stay? A city wrapped in a thick mist, in a fog obstructing the panorama. Cold. A city, less frequently, with a clear blue sky, silhouetting the hills and buildings. Low houses, of two or three stories, each with their own characteristics, with their own individual style, often delicate, well cared for. With interesting architectural decorations, bay windows allowing you to glimpse objects clearly held dear by their inhabitants: pottery, flower vases. American flags. Religious images. Near where I live, in the Mission, a largely Mexican neighborhood, I often pass an image of Christ that changes physiognomy depending on my distance: now he seems to have an eye closed, now he seems to be looking out with two alert eyes. The houses generally have wooden steps; blue, pink, green in various gradations, yellowish. Also purple. They evoke European architecture, some are Victorian in style. Downtown, instead, skyscrapers characterize the business and bank district.

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