Transparency and public participation: The Albanian case of Open Government Partnership

Genc Pollo
Increasing real public participation in governance and decision making is one of the greatest challenges of modern democracies as well as of these countries seeking to elevate their level of decision making and effective participation of public and citizenship in these processes. The widely dissemination and usage of communication technologies as well a greater pressure from the public for a greater accountability towards their governors, changes the shape and tools of governance, by changing initially the philosophy of and mindset of decision makers and policy maker as well. At the same time, this calls for a revolutionary way of powers distribution in governance processes by bringing more power in the hands of public, starting by an increased transparency and aiming a real and functional participation. The case of Albania, certify how policy makers good will and successful application of best practices, can accelerate democratic processes and increase resources for a better decision making and decision application as well. The paper makes a historic and political reconstruction of the OGP process and practices by projecting the effects and potential outcomes of this governance philosophy in the Albanian social tissue and set up, taking in consideration of the political system and the governance philosophy in Albania 2011-2012.

open governance partnership, participation, public trust, policy set up, transparency

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