Economic growth in Kosovo and in other countries in terms of globalization of world economy

Lumnije Thaçi
The global financial crisis causes, as among the greatest crises and consequences, reflected the world in continuously increase of unemployment, poverty and inequality. This crisis was reflected in both developed and developing countries including countries in transition. The fact cannot be denied that the effects of financial crisis are even felt in the Republic of Kosovo where during this period of time following consequences could be clearly noted: decrease of the real economy, poverty, reduction in remittances, decrease of external investments, contracting criteria for bank loans and other direct and indirect effects. However, the global economy did continue to recover during 2010 and 2011. Nevertheless, uncertainty regarding to the volatility of global economic recovery in this period is greater than in the previous period. This setting is mainly extracted from instability of financial market due to problems with public finances in several EU member States and entry of protective measures by some rapidly growing economies and developing countries, in response to large capital inflows. It is important to consider the fact that, despite the recent crisis, economic growth model, based on the deepening of EU integration process, in terms of finance, trade, labour markets and institutions, remains as best model for developing countries and Kosovo itself. Special treatment is given to achieved achievements and projections for the following years under policies compiled by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to enable generic analysis for concrete situation of our national economy. Also, this paper shall explain the underlying factors which will influence on a more accelerated economic development.

economic growth, gross domestic product (GDP), fiscal policy, capital investment or public expenditure

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